Redecorating Progress

The library is getting a facelift this year.  The bright yellow has been a hit with everyone since the old pale, grayish pink made everything look dingy. 

This is a picture of the nonfiction wall.  My goal is to have a visual Dewey Decimal system on the top shelf.  I need to design some interesting labels so that students understand why the objects are up there.

A much less popular change happened in the storytime area.  We used to have a large stage area with three 18" steps against the back wall.  It wasn't functional for my storytime since the steps were too high for the little ones to sit on and they faced out toward the rest of the library.  That, as my wise mentor told me, is a recipe for attention problems.  The carpet was also tearing on the steps which led students to pick and pull at them constantly.  Who can resist pulling a loose thread? 

So, when the operations manager suggested removing the stairs when they repainted the library, I did not object.  Now, it is up to me to find some way to make this corner magical again.  We've got a start with the blocked carpeting.  I love this for keeping students seated in their own area.  Plus, no more smashed fingers due to shifting in metal chairs.  Again, how can they avoid moving around in their chairs?  Now they won't have to worry about it.  I've got some ideas.  I just need to find some resources and talented help to put them into action!


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