Getting Ready for School

I want to make books easier to find and more attractive to my students this year.  So, I've made some changes to the shelves.

First, I rearranged fiction.  The popular series have been moved to separate shelves (still working on signage for that area).  The rest of the fiction is organized by genre and then A-Z by author's last name.  Students have a hard time looking at a wall of book spines and knowing how to find something that will interest them in the short amount of time they are allowed to browse for books in the library.  I do have to teach lessons!  Here's a picture of a one of the new genre labels on my fiction shelves:

Due to some minimal weeding and moving series out of the main fiction wall, I now have free room at the end of my shelves to feature books.  I borrowed these shelf talkers from the Risking Failure blog.  I'm also going to let students write short book trailers to advertise their favorite books throughout the year.  Here are my shelf talkers:

I didn't have time to weed non-fiction, so it is still packed. I've broken up the spaces with some subject/topic markers.  They aren't too pretty, but I hope they will help students find the area where their favorite books are located.


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