VCASMO for Flipped Instruction or Student Presentations

VCASMO (still in beta) is a great tool for anyone interested in flipped instruction or giving student's a new way to present their understanding of material.  Presentation tools abound from the tried and true PowerPoint to the more jazzy Prezi and Powtoons.  What sets this one apart is a split screen that allows you to show video on one side and your photos or PowerPoint style slides on the other.  You can see an example of VCASMO and demo on how to use it below:

I found this site last summer in my constant quest for a way to maximize instruction sprints I conduct with K-5 students in 30 minute library sessions each week that need to include a lesson, a chance to apply it, and checking in and out books. 

The answer for me (though I'm not fully there yet) is creating a virtual me to deliver on demand lessons to individual students throughout the 30 minutes.  Meanwhile, the real me can check out books and help individual students work through lesson stumbling blocks.  That's my version of a flipped classroom.  


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