Big Updates from Socrative

If you aren't using Socrative yet, today's announcement of new features being added in the coming weeks are bound to get you interested. 

Some background first, Socrative is a free student response system that works on Web-based and iOS platforms. It supports multiple choice, true/false, and short response questions.  There is also an option to play the quizzes as a game.  The best part for teachers in elementary and middle school... it doesn't require emails to login.  The teacher creates an account and Socrative assigns a room number for students to use to access the quiz.  Teachers have the option of displaying or receiving an email with all completed quiz responses.

What's new?
Socrative has been listening to the teachers and its competition and added these great features:
  • Student quiz navigation.  Students can now work through activities at their own pace while still allowing the teacher to check on students in progress.  This will be a great asset for those of us doing flipped and modified flipped classes.
  • Upload an image to any multiple choice or short answer question.  Perfect for asking students to identify things on a diagram, parts of a cell, etc.
  • Common Core State Standards alignment available for your assessments.
  • More to come...  the announcement ended with a teaser of more updates to be added before the launch in a few weeks.  You can keep posted by following them on Twitter, Facebook, their blog, and Pinterest
They also announced a Fall Partnership Program to help the product continue to improve.  If you have 3 or more teachers and at least one administrator willing to get involved, contact for more information. 

There are a few more weeks of summer, put Socrative on your To-Do list, and get to know why this is such a great resource for classrooms of all ages.


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