Alphabet Fun in the Library

Kindergartners are studying fantasy vs. realism in their language arts curriculum this week.  To extend their lesson in the library, I chose the book, Who Hops? by Katie Davis.

The book is divided into 5 sections:  Who Hops, Who Flies, Who Slithers, Who Crawls, and Who Swims.  After offering realistic options (a frog hops, a rabbit hops), a fantastic option is posed (a cow hops?).  Students loved offering their realistic answers to the question and laughed hysterically at the fantastical answers provided at the end of each section.  They were quickly noting things about the "realistic" answers that were not accurate, too.  For example, a rabbit is not pink!  

After the story, each student was given a large letter and picture stencil.  After tracing and coloring their letter/picture, they told the group if their animal hops, flies, slithers, crawls, or slithers.  I love the creative drawings they made and how they were able to correctly identify how their animal moves. They also used their drawings to line up in alphabetical order.  

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Creative Commons License.


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