What's in the News Wednesday: State of the State Address

source: al.com
Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley, delivered the State of the State address last night.  You can read the entire speech on al.com.  Good news for education:
  • Expanding Alabama's First Class Pre-K
  • Restoring the Education Trust Fund to increase K-12 education funding by as much as $300 million
  • Tuition scholarships for foster children attending 2-year colleges and universities
There was also a statement of praise for the Alabama Workforce Council for "building and maintaining high quality partnerships between industry, education, and workforce training institutions."  

If I were a high school teacher, I would definitely have my students read this primary source document.  There are lessons in math, persuasive writing, drawing conclusions, and more.  Students could also research and write responses in support and opposition to the ideas expressed in the address.  


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