Kids Creating Community Content Contest (CILC)

The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) makes it easy to connect your classroom to virtual learning opportunities that go beyond the more typical sit, listen, answer question format of many virtual field trips.*  KC3, Kids Creating Community Content, requires students to research and present content about their own community.  The students choose the topic and CILC provides project/lesson planning guides to ensure they are on the right track.  The project culminates with a 20-minute interactive presentation to another group of students facilitated by CILC moderators.  Last year, CILC gave prizes (engraved plaque and $75 Amazon card) for the following categories: research gurus, interesting choice of topic, outstanding audience engagement, most creative, and outstanding delivery. The presenters from CILC that I heard at ISTE said that the range of award categories allowed them to reward students who were new to the process.   

With or without a prize, WGS students would love this opportunity.  Last year, Mrs. Willett's second grade class researched inventors and created their own inventions to present to another second grade class in our county.  They were engaged, excited, and proud of their work.  KC3 reminds me of this successful activity.

*There are other great virtual field trips out there, too. My favorite from last year was the North Carolina Museum of Natural History's Discovering Dinosaurs program.


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