DeforestACTION takes your students to the jungles of Borneo

How would you like to give your students an authentic role in solving a real world problem? DeforestACTION, a Microsoft Regional Innovative Education Forum inspired project, is a global movement of students and schools to get students involved in the problem of deforestation. You can begin with the teacher resources and virtual classroom to introduce students to the issues. Then, students can connect with experts in the field and other classrooms to learn and discuss issues. Students can even become Earthwatchers. They will be given their own part of the rainforests of Borneo to monitor via satellite imagery. By studying the land patterns and noting changes, they will actually be able to report disturbances and make a difference. 

I spoke with Liza Heavener and Chris Gauthier of DeforestACTION while I was at ISTE. Liza had just returned from a trip to Borneo. Chris leads Webinars and classroom connections. Their dedication and enthusiasm for the project would definitely excite our students. If there is any way that we can get WGS students involved, I know they would remember it forever. Our kindergarteners study the rainforest, but I believe our older students would be better able to grasp the magnitude of the issues.


Chris Gauthier said...

Chris Gauthier here! Would love to connect with your students in the future! Thank you for sharing your experiences in your blog, it was definitely a pleasure meeting you at ISTE. chris@deforestaction is my email. Would love to connect and discuss how we can engage your school community in this project

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