Bookmarking in the Cloud

How do you keep track of favorite Web sites and documents?  There are so many options, but one is going away this year.  iGoogle was my favorite way to organize my access to RSS feeds, documents, news, weather, and bookmarks.  They've been phasing out parts of iGoogle for the last year and announced this week that it will be dismantled in November 2012.  Change is a good thing though because it is forcing me to explore some of these other tools that I haven't used in the past. 

I'll be using Diigo to organize and annotate my digital discoveries and creations.  I love the highlighter and sticky note feature.  Plus, it will allow you to save a screenshot, so if the Web page goes away, you still have access to the information you found.  Diigo also makes it easy to share your documents, Web sites, and annotations with others.  What a great way to make sure students have access to high quality sources and don't miss the important parts. 

I also like Symbaloo.  I first heard about this site last year at our Technology in Motion inservice day, but didn't explore it.  In fact, just two weeks ago at ISTE my tech-other-half and I were still saying that we just hadn't caught on to Symbaloo.  Something made me take another look when I heard the Google announcement this week.  I love the webmix idea.  Essentially, it looks like creating your own iPad screen of icons that link to Web sites.  You can create webmixes by subject, resource type, or any other configuration that suits you.  Then, you can share your webmix with individuals, embed it on your own blog or Web page, or share it with the world through the Symbaloo gallery.  I am definitely thinking of creating webmixes for each of my library classes this year.  Our students are used to using iPads and this design will definitely appeal to them.


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