Two Great Photo Sharing Apps

How do you get pictures from your iOS device to your computer, or share with other people?  E-mail? Syncing through your iTunes account?  I find both somewhat time consuming. That's why I love two apps I discovered this week that make transferring pictures from my iPhone to other devices easier.

Wifi Photo Transfer app.  Simply open this free app and it will give you a URL to type into your browser's address bar.  Then, you can download up to 100 images at a time as a zip file to the computer.  This is perfect for transferring pictures to others without having to connect your iOS device to their computer.  I can see this working for us in the classroom, too.  Students may want to use the iPad or iPod to take pictures and then work with their images on the laptop or desktop computers in the classroom.  I will be loading it onto our cart laptops as soon as I get a chance.

Bump is another free app that offers quick photo transfer.  I actually heard about this app months ago from my husband who uses it for sharing contact information with friends and business associates.  But, I love the ability to share photos much more.  Both devices have to have the bump app loaded and open.  Next, you select the photos from your camera roll that you want to exchange. Then, you bump your iPhones/iPods together and the images are transferred.  You can also bump the photos to a PC by going to and bumping your iPhone/iPod and the computer's space bar. What could be easier?  Well, it could be easier if it worked with Internet Explorer.  For now, it only works with the Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome browsers, so we won't be able to use it for transferring files between iOS devices and our computers.  Still, it will work between devices.  Now, it will be much easier to let students share the photos they take for collaborative editing projects.   


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