Brain Hive - ebooks for $1 per click out

I really want ebooks for my school. Now that every teacher has 5 iPads in the classroom, ebooks make a lot more sense. I visited the Brain Hive booth at ISTE and was very impressed. They offer some great options.  First, you don't have to purchase a collection. Books are rented for $1 per click out, or you can purchase books that are yours to keep forever. Having access to data about books with high rental rates would make the decision about which books to purchase easier. Brain Hive hosts the rented and purchased books on their server, but can transfer purchased books to your server, if preferred.  For the rental plan, they offer several options to ensure that you stay within budget and one click happy student doesn't spend all your money without even reading the books. AR quizzes are also available from within the program, but I'm not sure how this would tie back to the student's account in Renaissance Place.  I'm intrigued though and looking for a grant that will let me give this service a try.


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