Registering students for Web 2.0 tools without a student email

So many great Web 2.0 tools require email accounts for students to access. In the K-5 environment, very few students have an email account and some parents may not want their students to have one.  So, how do we give them access to those online tools that require an email?  Sure, you can give everyone access under the same account using your email, but there is a better way that works using gmail. 

First, you need a gmail account.  You will probably want to set up a new gmail account just for your class instead of using a personal gmail account you already have, but that's up to you.  Then, when you go to a Web 2.0 site that requires email to establish an account, enter your gmail prefix with +s1 (s2, s3, etc.).  For example, if my gmail address is, then my first student account would be  Emails will come to my gmail account, so if students reset their password, you get the email confirmation.  Some sites won't accept the +s1 as a valid email, so you may still have to work around those by using a class account. 


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