Shapeways for 3D Printing

Recently, I've read some interesting articles about libraries becoming more interactive research and maker spaces.  For example, large video walls at college libraries that allow viewers to interact with research projects.  The Fayetteville Free Library in New York created a Fab Lab that includes 3D printers and  programming classes to support creating in the library.  I like the idea of the library as a collaborative, creative learning space as opposed to the solitary, quiet, stuffy environment that many think of when they think of libraries.

The interactive video wall is still being fine tuned and 3D printers are expensive though.  But, I learned about Shapeways at ISTE last month.  They are a company in Sweden that takes your model design and will produce the object using the material you specify with their 3D printer.  Cool!  You can even sell it to other people from their site.  That could be a fantastic fundraiser for a school.


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