Multi-Tasking App for the iPad

If the iPad is ever going to truly replace your laptop, it's going to have to get better at multitasking.  Paper Helper takes the device one step closer. When you open this app, you have a simple document editor on one half of the screen and a browser window on the other half.  Now, you can take notes and organize your research while you are looking at it all on the same screen.  It also allows you to maximize either half of the screen to full screen, too.

Paper Helper was $1.99 in the iTunes store, but I got it for free from the Apps Gone Free app. I noticed it was also free on App Gratis recently. Both of these sites favor game and photography apps, which aren't always useful in an education setting.  Checking the daily free apps only takes a few seconds though, so you don't have much to lose. 


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