TinyTap - An Easy Game Creator for Kids, Parents, and Teachers

TinyTap is an easy to use game creating app for iPads.  You upload or take a photo.  You can also draw your own pictures using the cup full of brushes, pencils, and pens.  Then, record questions that can be answered by tapping part of the photo.  Finally, trace the answer.  You can record a personalized message that plays when the player taps the correct or incorrect part of the picture.   

I downloaded it last school year, but am just getting around to using it in a lesson this year.  I created a lesson for kindergarten to identify the parts of a book.  I can also see this being used to create lessons on labeling parts of a plant, identifying states on a map, identifying parts of speech in sentences.  It's very easy to use and would be ideal for letting students create games on their own to share with each other.

Here's a link to my Parts of a Book game from my Twitter page.  You have to have TinyTap downloaded on your iPad to play.


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