Flipboard - Design Your Own Magazine of Blogs, News, etc.

Is your email inbox crowded with newsletters and blog, facebook, and twitter updates?  If so, you probably delete a lot of emails before you even read them, including announcements from sources that you really meant to keep updated when you first subscribed to them.  I've been using Google Reader for years to corral all of my RSS feeds from blogs and news sites, but Flipboard with its magazine style layout makes keeping current more fun and social.

You pick the content you want to include in your "social magazine," including Google Reader, news sites, facebook, twitter, Flickr, and so many more.  Flipboard builds your magazine separated into source chunks and updates it several times a day to bring you all your content in an easy to read format.

image from flipboard.com
If you find something you want to share, your favorite tools are embedded for easy use.  So, you can like, share on Facebook or Google+, tweet, and/or email right from Flipboard.  It's a great way to manage your time and the overwhelming flow of information.  Plus, the app is free, so give it a try.   


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