Apptivity with LabelED

Mr. Brandon, a 5th grade teacher at WGS, shared a great app and apptivity he used with his class a few weeks ago, and I am finally getting around to highlighting it here.

from iTunes
Using Safari, students found an image of a skeleton which they saved to the camera roll of their iPads.  Next, Mr. Brandon demonstrated using LabelED to drop pins on the skeleton to label all the bones.  Students worked in groups to use the LabelEd app and their saved picture to label bones. After a quick check to verify that everyone correctly labeled the skeleton, students were able to test their knowledge in a multiple choice or location style quiz generated within the app. They get instant assessment feedback as they practice with the app and the results can also be captured and sent to the teacher. 

Besides being an engaging way to study the skeleton, there are so many exciting learning examples in this activity, including searching the Web responsibly for images, saving images, creating a digital product, multi-tasking, collaboration, self-directed learning.  I'm definitely inspired to use this app and teaching model in the library.  I especially love that he didn't create the LabelEd activity and give it to the students to take the quiz only.  They learned so much more by doing all of this themselves.  

Note:  This app reminds me of TinyTap, an app I reviewed in an earlier post, geared toward younger students.  You might want to check it out, too.  


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