Print from your iPad or iPhone

PrinterPro for iPhone, normally $4.99, is free today and can be used to "print attachments, documents, and entire web pages right from your iDevice."  It can print to wifi printers and printers attached to your desktop PC (requires downloading the free Printer Pro software to your PC).  The PrinterPro app includes tips and instructions for printing from your documents, clipboard, photos, web pages, and Dropbox.  In most cases, you simply click on the "Open in" arrow to send to one of the supported print options.  Since it can print from your photo album, anything that you can fit in a screenshot on your iPad can be printed.  I used it to test several types of printing situations this morning and it works great

Printer Pro 3 for your iPad is $6.99, but the free app for iPhone worked great on my iPad.


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