Favorite Free Read Aloud Story Sites

I'm always looking for Web sites with free ebooks to share with students, and I really love the ones that include professional readers.  Here are my favorite:

You can't beat the quality of stories read by professional actors, like Lou Diamond Phillips reading The Polar Express.  The 20 stories include lesson ideas and reading activities, too. 

Storytime in the Reading Room
from A Story Before Bed

This small collection is worth the visit. The authors read their stories and share some of their personal inspiration for writing.  You can also choose a story to record and share online.  I wish I could afford it for my school.  Building fluency is very important for reading comprehension, and students love reading aloud.  We use Fotobabble and Audioboo in the library, but they would love this!

Online Storytime from Barnes and Noble

Sixteen books read by the author and accompanied by illustrations from the book.  These are essentially digital audio books.  It is always so great to hear the words read by the author.


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