How to Get Your Students' Work Off the iPad

Students create great projects on the iPad, but some of us work with limitations on printing and email access for our students.  So, we sometimes struggle with how to easily get to all the work they are creating on their individual iPads.  While we continue to wait for airprint permissions, there are some work arounds for easily transferring data from student iPads to one place.  I'll save Edmodo and other course management systems for later because, well, they aren't easy for everyone. 

My favorite solution is to use linked to my Dropbox account.  You can create a free account that will automatically sync to your Dropbox account.  Here's how it works:

  1. Go to and complete a quick registration. 
  2. Pick a account name that students (or others) will need to send files to you.  Think about this one carefully as I have seen no way to change it later. 
  3. Create a password to give to students, so they can upload files.  They will not be able to see any of your other files, or anything at all in your Dropbox account. 
  4. The next time you open your Dropbox, you will see a new folder called ""DROPitTOme" where everything will be sent.
Then, you just have to train your students to go to your site, log in with the password and upload their files.  It's an easy time-saver for you and teaches students a new skill, responsibility, and organization.  Plus, you don't have to waste paper printing things that are just as easy to assess digitally.

You can also refer back to my earlier posts on Wifi Photo Transfer and Bump, which work great for pictures, video, and anything that can fit in a single screen view of your iPad. Even if it's not a picture, you can take a screenshot of your iPad by holding the home button and the power button at the same time.  Then, teach students to bump their work to the teacher iPad or desktop computer (it works with the space bar).


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