Using Badges to Ignite Learning

Ever since I noticed digital badges appearing in various online learning communities, I have wanted to find a way to incorporate these in my library and technology instruction.  Two threads I follow brought this back to my attention this week.  First, Brad Flickinger at posted his year long pilot of EdTech Badges and it offers all the encouragement and advice I need to start this next year. I love the little 1" buttons he uses and am right on board with the benefits of developing self-learning in students based on their individual interests. 

Second, the Smithsonian Quests program is a digital badging service to "develop skills and enhance their learning through discovery, while earning digital badges as credentials along the way."  Unfortunately, the Smithsonian site requires all users to register with an email.  Once again, this makes it an unfriendly service for elementary students who rarely have email accounts.  Still, we may use this as a whole group exercise with my log-in.


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