Greg Tang's Amazing Free Math Site

Are you looking for a fun way to teach math?  Greg Tang delivers.  

First, there are the books you probably already know and love:
Now, you can read them for free online in the Books section.  Plus, they include animations and interactive problems to engage your math students on multiple levels.  The only drawback... it requires a flash-enabled browser.  So, you'll need to download Photon ($4.99) or another flash browser to use on iPads.  They would also make a great interactive white board lesson.

Second, check out Kakooma and the other games to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, place value, algebra, and operation order.  These games used to be available only with a Scholastic subscription, but the entire site became free last month.  The games are addictive while building understanding of math relationships.  It's pure fun without gimmicks.

The image below is a Kakooma addition game.  You have to find the only number in the group that can be made by adding two of the other numbers together.  As with all of the math games, you pick the complexity, how many numbers you are working with, and can receive hints (but taking hints adds time to your final score).

Kakooma Addition Sample

Third, for your print-based centers, check out the Materials section for worksheets, color templates for laminates, and puzzles and games based on the online games.

Want more?  Listen to Greg Tang and Tammy Worcester talk more about  integrating technology with math instruction in their ISTE conference session this year:  Reinventing Math Instruction with Technology.  It was fantastic!


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