Clever Use of Fake Texts from Classtools and Richard Byrne offers loads of free games, quizzes, and activities you can create and host for free on your blog or Internet site.  You may have heard about their Fakebook project that allows you to create a fake Facebook-looking page for a fictional character or even a biographical study.  They also have a fake SMS tool that Richard Byrne suggests using as a space for students to create conversations between fictional or historical characters.  I love the resources because they engage students with activities that match their interest and they don't require a login to use, save, or export.  It couldn't be easier!

Here's an example created by Byrne and posted to the Free Technology for Teachers page:

Other lesson ideas:

  • Digital Citizenship - remind students that what they say in a text can be saved and posted anywhere (see Cari Young's blog). 
  • Grammar - create a text with improper English and have students correct it.
  • Math - create and solve word problems
  • Science - describe an insect and post a reply identifying and classifying it 


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