LiveSlide from Atlas Learning

Have you heard about LiveSlide?  I can't wait for it to become available in August.  As you can see in the video below, LiveSlide lets you use any device to interact with your students in real time.  You load your slides for your lesson. Then, while you are teaching, you can annotate on them, add new slides, poll students, etc.  It notifies you when students enter and leave the program - great for those students who might get distracted by other apps, or for dropped access on wifi. 

Students can open LiveSlide and a notes feature so they can take notes while listening to your lesson. They also have access to all the slides to replay and listen to the entire lesson again, if needed, when they want to.  Since it is not limited to iPads, they can even do this from home on any device, including a PC. 

You can also share the screen with students, so they can annotate, solve math problems from their device and it is visible in the lesson for everyone to see. 

Sign up before August 1, to get a 3-month free subscription -  Pricing will be between $2-4/student when it becomes available in August. 


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