Awesome Web Whiteboard

Okay, the guys at A Web Whiteboard are just too modest.  I'm renaming it Awesome Web Whiteboard, and I think you will agree with me when you see what it can do.

It is a free online whiteboard that works on computers, tablets, or smartphones and does not require a username and password.  You simply click Start Drawing and use the tools on the screen to draw on the board.  To share your whiteboard with others who can contribute in real time, click on the menu and choose invite.  You'll get a unique URL that you can give to anyone to share your space.

This is the perfect tool for quick classroom projects.  Students can work in groups to solve math problems, create KWL charts, draw pictures or diagrams, etc.  You could even assign each student a different color pen to use so that you could easily see who contributed what information. 


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