Not Your Granny's Coloring Sheet

by Katy Kelly on
Coloring is an easy, creative release for many children (and adults, too!), but it can be difficult to justify class time spent coloring.  This is especially true for older grades.  Enter the colAR app bringing augmented reality and 3D technology to their sets of coloring sheets.  Print out one of their coloring sheets, color, then point the colAR app at your page and watch it come to life. 

Shannon Miller has a great post using colAR in a project tie-in with International Dot Day using the Dot Day coloring page.

I grabbed the app earlier this summer when Puteko released it.  I was planning to use it with my kindergarten students when we read Pete the Cat:  I Love My White Shoes.  After reading Shannon's post, I realize it will be great with older students, too. 



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