Get Interactive with Your Video

There is no doubt about it.  Video engages students in the learning process.  That is, until, it doesn't.  Students can become passive to the point that they stop paying attention to a video after just a few minutes.  Even if they are still tuned in, how do you know if they are processing the parts of the information that you want them to learn?  I know I often worry that they aren't asking questions or making connections.  So, you can stop the video and have a discussion.  There are also tools that can embed those features inside the video for you. I've posted (via the Smore Newsletter) about the YouTube Video editor, educannon, and Touchcast in the past. 

Zaption is another great option.  The basic option costs $49/year, but there are a lot of features that make it easier to use to create stunning projects with minimal effort.  If you are seriously considering flipping your classroom, this may be something you want to try.  There is a 30-day free trial that you can use to determine if it's worth the investment.


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