Student Video Games in Progress

I really missed learning with my Video Game Creating club members this week.  I took a peek at some of their work this afternoon, and wanted to share some of their games with you.  They are all creating a version of Choco-Break, but you'll see variations in their work.  I wish I could record their conversations during the creation process.  It is the best collaboration, sharing, mentoring, supportive conversation I get to hear all week.  Their excitement and joy electrifies the room.  I love it!

Ignore the yellow circle in these screencasts.  That is from the screencasting software I was using.  I don't have the Pro tools installed on the student computers, so I couldn't turn the mouse tracking (big, yellow circle) feature off.

In this game, you can see several things she did to personalize the game. She added layers of chocolate bars on top of each other.  She also had her ball enter at the top, so the ball does a lot of the work for you at the beginning of the game, until the ball comes down to your playing zone.  

This game is hard to play because he personalized it by putting blocks lower. The ball really zips down on you and can be really hard to catch.  This game developer is really interested in adding interactive elements to his game, so we should see even more challenges before he's finished.

Next week, we'll be adding sounds to our games.  They'll also add levels with more difficulty, challenges, and ways to earn extra lives.  These guys will definitely speed along with the help of each other and just a touch of guidance from me.  I am amazed at how much they remember from week to week... stuff that my old self sometimes forgets! I can't say enough about how much they impress me, and how much I appreciate the opportunity to work with them. 


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