After School Maker Project

Being a teacher's child has many drawbacks, including being stuck in the library after school while your mother tries to catch up on inventory after a busy week. Book fair ended today, but I purchased a robots from recyclables book to keep my son busy while I was working.  I thought it would be a great resource for our burgeoning makerspace, too.  He gave it a try, but soon got more interested in a creation of his own design.  Within half an hour, he called me over to show me his creation.

It's a diorama/secret garden.  I lifted the lid, peeked inside the hole at the front, and inside he had placed some of my spring decorations. The pictures don't do it justice.  I love it!  We started talking about how it would be a great feature in the library next year.  Students can bring objects that represent a scene in a book, or a subject they are studying.  I can just imagine the excitement it will generate and the pride they will have in putting together interesting displays.  

We thought about making it a trivia contest and he has already started making plans to paint the box, add hinges to the lid, and create signage for the box.  If that doesn't represent the creative power of making in the library, I don't know what does.  I just have to find the funding to remove those awful cubicles in the library and make space for more projects like this.


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