Summer Weeding Reading - Nonfiction

Here I go again, another summer, another reading goal.  I simply must get a better understanding of my nonfiction collection, weed what I can, make notes for what needs to be updated and added, and make repairs to bindings, spine labels, and catalog records.  It's a project that will have to extend to the school year, but I'd like to tackle as much as possible over the summer.  

Here's the plan...

  • Create a spreadsheet to track all the required information
    • Last circulation date and number of times circulated in the last 4 years
    • Copyright date
    • Repairs needed:  spine label, barcode label, torn pages, binding
    • AR Level correct on book and in catalog record
    • Location in catalog correct
    • Notes: for use, display, updates
    • Weeding decision - I know I will keep things that I can't afford to update
  • Review at least one shelf a week
  • Make a plan for using books in library lessons next year, or at least highlighting them for others to enjoy.
There are over 70 shelves of nonfiction books in my library and some of them are packed full.  It is so hard to get rid of books.  Yet, I need to make room. I need to free up the top shelves so students are no longer standing on chairs to reach them.  I can use that space to display interesting books, but that's more work and I barely keep up as it is.  Isn't there a creative mom or dad out there that wants to volunteer to do this every week for the WGS library?  Actually, that could be a good student project, too.  Curating and designing are important skills to develop, right?  Hmmm... I might be on to something.


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