Summer Weeding Reading - Nonfiction 200s

Here is what the 200s shelf looks like:

The Dewey 200s is Religion and Mythology.  Oh my, some of those books look old enough to be primary documents!  The biggest problem with this section is the number of lengthy, academic texts here.  Some of these books were definitely written for an adult reader, not a K-5 student.  Even our returning 6th graders would struggle to make good use of too many of these texts.  I made some easy weeding choices and lots of notes about things to update. 

It wasn't all bleak though.  Here are my favorites from this shelf:

Thanks to Mr. Brandon, students take a big interest in our Greek mythology stories.  Short reads like Pandora's Box are favorites. I know all these covers reflect the 1970s publication dates, but these are some inspiring, thought-provoking reads. 

The Way to Start a Day and God is in the Mountains are simply beautiful expressions of the relationships between nature, faith, and spirituality.  Students don't check these out, but I think they just had trouble with the dated covers and all the thick tomes surrounding them.

If I had unlimited funds, I would update this entire shelf.

Other Side of the Myths                    Traditional Religious Tales

World Mythology                                   Greek Mythology 
Parables                World Religions


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