Summer Weeding - 300-331s

The 300s is a vast collection in our school library.  The first shelf holds 300-331s:  social science, social groups, civil rights, politics and the legislative process, immigration, and international relations I am struck by some omissions here.  The fact that such vast topics can be confined to one tiny shelf perhaps says it all.

There were more easy weeding decisions based on the dry, lengthy texts that have never circulated (no surprise!) to my K-5 students.  Biggest collection development need:  books on the legislative process and how we interact with the rest of the world.

My favorites from this shelf:

I read nearly all of Children of the Wild West to my family while we sat on our front porch enjoying the view of the hay fields at the bottom of our hill.  I believe we were all inspired to do a little more with the land we are so lucky to have available to us.  My other favorites are excellent choices for teaching students about the sacrifices people make to build a better life for themselves and to make the world safer for others, too.  Young students are generally capable of sincere empathy, but still need to be shown how lucky they are to live in this country at this time.

Wish List for this Shelf

First Guide to Government               Taking Action



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