Summer Weeding Reading, Starting with the 000s

I created my Weeding notes spreadsheet and imported the records from my catalog for the 000s.

It's not fancy and I'd really like to create a little Access database with an easy form for capturing the data, but let's face it.  I need to get going on this.  I can pull the spreadsheet into Access later and make nicer reports, if I need them later.

Tackling the 000s

Here's a picture of the 000s shelf.  There's not much here.  This is the Dewey section for general works, record books, unexplained mysteries, computer science, libraries & museums, and news. 

Look how few books I have on this shelf.  Yet, after reviewing, I want to move some of them to another section and delete a few.  My observations from this shelf:
  • Delete the How to Catch a Flying Saucer - it's just long and takes itself a little too seriously for the subject matter.  
  • Those Online Visits to... books would probably circulate more if they were recataloged with the geography books.  I don't think the tie-in to online sites is enough to keep them in the computer science section.  The Web links aren't all current anymore, but I did find some interesting Web sites looking through these.
  • Did I really not order the Guiness World Record book for 2014, yet? These books circulate constantly.  Even that tattered 2007 edition circulated over 35 times in the last 4 years.  It would have been more, but they are often overdue.
  • The Skull Alphabet book was far more interesting than I ever imagined.  It's a riddle, an exercise in inferential thinking and drawing conclusions, and the artistry is fantastic.  I think it would be better situated in the animal section though.  How do the students even find it here?  It did circulate a few times this year.
  • Do I really have a book from 1985 called, Computers Those Amazing Machines still on the shelf?  It looks like it has never circulated.  I have to confess I found the last chapter on what computers will do in the future kind of interesting, considering many of those things have already happened. 

My favorite books from this shelf:

To increase their use next year:

  • Make a weekly display with quotations from the Treasury of Quotations for Children
  • Teach a lesson on book making with The Puzzle of Books - this could be a collaboration with art teacher.  The Extra! Extra! book from 000s (not pictured here, but also pretty good) could be useful here, too.
  • Use Inside Outside Book of Libraries in introduction to libraries
  • Research project on origin of superstitions and myths, or just a fun display with Don't Sing Before Breakfast...


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