Summer Weeding - 332-394

Friday, I spent the day at school and tried to knock out the weeding review for the rest of 300s.  Even though I didn't stop to take pictures or blog, I still only got through the holiday shelf - 394.2. 

Two things I have learned about myself and our collection:  1.) I'm not as good at getting rid of old, underused items as I want to be; and 2.) We need to update a lot of our collection.  I don't think these are unusual observations for school librarians and libraries.  It would be very easy to remove some of the old titles I am keeping, if I could afford to update them.

I also learned that I am absolutely never going to go back to letting the vendor catalog my books.  The holiday section was a mess with some books cataloged for the specific area and others cataloged for general holidays. That took me no less than an hour to fix.  I've also found countless other cataloging decisions that don't fit the way our students browse the shelves. Let's not even talk about how they cover up important text on the back with the barcode sticker.


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