One Step Closer to the Library Makerspace...Thank you, ING (Voya) Unsung Heroes!

I received the amazing news this weekend that I have received one of the $2,000 ING Unsung Heroes awards for 2014.  I am so excited for our students and the library Makerspace!  They are in the process of final judging for the top three awards, so please keep your fingers crossed for Walnut Grove to be in this group, too.

Here are the things that I included in the $2,000 grant level:

3D Doodler Pen - I heard about this from Shannon Miller, maybe the most amazing school librarian in the world.  She tested it and said it works great, so I'm excited to get this for our students.

Multimedia Fusion - Software and iOS Exporter.  This is the software we used in the video game creation club.  We only had the free version, but it was very powerful, easy to use, and fun.  With the full version and iOS Exporter we will be able to build games for the iPads!  Plus, I picked up their instructor's manual at ISTE, and it is full of great ideas and roadmaps for using this with our students.

Macbook Pro - Vickey Sullivan invited me (and others) to the Apple training for creating iBooks. I'm so excited to get our students and teachers started on this, but we need this Macbook to make it happen.  Students can use iMovie to improve their video making skills, too.

Robotics Kits - I didn't specify what I wanted in the robotics area.  We could use some more LittleBits (and I received a coupon for a discount at ISTE), but we may also want something more to go with our LEGOs, or arduino kits.  I'm still pondering this one.  It will be awesome though!


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