Teacher Kit -My Tool for Tracking Library Students

Since the library doesn't give report card grades, I don't have access to tracking my students in the district attendance and record keeping tool.  Having an accurate student attendance record for emergencies and general preparation is still important to me.  I've tried a few methods from paper to Web based, and the TeacherKit app is my favorite.   I use the free app to take attendance, log behavioral notes (good and bad), and grades (even though I'm the only one looking).  There is a paid version with more features, but I haven't needed them yet.

It has an elegant, easy to use interface.  First, I set up a separate door for each class.  

 One tap opens to the class dashboard where I can access individual student records, or see trends in the 4 main domains.

I can even include pictures of students, import and export to Dropbox, send notes to parents, teachers, or administrators, and see reports for individual domains or students.  I never have time to use all the features, but I love having this all in one place.


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