Fun Friday with OSMO and the iPad

Fridays are fun anyway, but this Friday I set up the new Osmo - Play Beyond the Screen.  Every student that walked by it wanted to explore what it could do. The universal reaction from Kindergarten to veteran teacher, COOL!!

Osmo Words
Using reflective artificial intelligence, the Osmo brings physical interactivity to the digital world in a way that goes way beyond the touch screen.

In Osmo Word students use letter tiles to spell the word for the picture on the screen.  It can be played alone, against an opponent, or in a team.  They also have a Junior level that challenges the player to identify the letter making the initial sound for the word pictured.  

I used this with one of our emergent readers, and he was completely engaged.  As he was getting them right, he would say things like, "See, I'm smart.  This is fun!"  

The Osmo Tangram steps up the challenge.  I haven't played with it enough yet to know if there are puzzles that don't show you where to put the tiles.  Love the reaction these friends had using the Tangram game kit.

The Osmo Newton challenges you to guide falling balls to hit targets on the screen.  It can react to objects you place or lines you draw on the page.  There are several puzzles included in this challenge  The girl at the end of this video says it all, "Technology Rocks!"

Thank you, Voya Unsung Heroes for the funding to provide these interactive, technology based learning experiences for students of all ages that visit our school library!


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