Tech Tuesday - Random Choice Generator

Three copies of the latest Diary of a Wimpy kid book finally arrived in our school library.  It would be an exaggeration to say that every 3rd-6th grader wants to read it.  After all, some of them got it for Christmas.  And, yes, there are a few kids who haven't caught the bug.  Still, I knew this would be a hot read.  I always use a lottery system for circulating these high demand books.  I've done this in a very low-tech way in the past.  Students write their name on a sheet of paper and drop it in a box.  Then, I choose names from the box to determine circulation.
I've used other tech tools in the past, but it seems like they took more time to set up.  When the end of the day came before I was ready, I had to find something quick. Especially since there was an eager 6th grader standing in front of my desk anxious to know who would get the books first.

Random Choice Tool to the rescue!  I quickly entered the names in the box, pushed the random choice button, and got my names pronto!  


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