What's in the News Wednesday: State of the Union Highlights Education

The President scooped his State of the Union last week with the announcement of his proposal for free community college for all.  Last night, the address included more attention on education.  Any one of those topics, subsidized college, increased access to high speed Internet, and students' right to privacy offer some interesting discussion points for educators and the classroom.

Did you miss it?  No worries... You can watch the entire State of the Union Address on the White House Web site.

Five resources for including the State of the Union in your lesson plans:

  1. Choices:  Teaching with News, Survey State of the Union Addresses - graphic organizers, interactive timeline, and videos make this a great resource to bookmark for future SOTU addresses.
  2. C-SPAN Classroom State of the Union Address - with links to historic addresses and comparison charts.  Plus, this bell-ringer with short video history of the SOTU.
  3. PBS NewsHour Extra - last year's address, but the lesson is sound for an analysis of any State of the Union Address
  4. Flocabulary Wordle Lesson - appropriate for students of all ages.  Students use Wordle to analyze important concepts from the speech.


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