Maker Monday: LEGO WeDos Combine Digital and Hands-on Making

Do you want to introduce your students to programming?  Do you have some students who prefer working with their hands and seeing the results of their work in a tangible object?  Then, LEGO WeDos are definitely for you!

In the Walnut Grove library, students are tackling serious coding challenges in computer based games, video game creation tools, and various levels of LEGO robotics.  Students of all ages love working with the LEGO WeDos.  WeDo uses drag and drop blockly style programming and a detailed curriculum that makes it easy to understand basic computer coding concepts.  Students can begin with the basic models and programming examples from the curriculum guide, then branch out to their own designs.

I was out on Friday, but student makers remained engaged and independent in their learning.  A group of boys created this alligator and modified the programming to include a little more action.

Next week, I'm going to ask them to step it up a little and build a scene for their alligator.  Another group in a different class is building a lion.  I'd love to see these two collaborate on a presentation project that includes both of their creations.  Whatever they do, you'll see it here!


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