Talking About Books Thursday: Bridge to Terabithia

"Have you read all of the books in the library, Mrs. Whitt?"  That's a question that I can, without too much guilt answer, "No, but I'm working on it."

Last week, however, a 6th grader asked me if I would have lunch with her in the digital diner to discuss Bridge to Terabithia.  "Have you read the book, Mrs. Whitt?"  No.  I haven't read it.  Now, that was answered with all kinds of guilt.  It's been on my reading list for awhile, but I keep putting other titles ahead of it.

She brought another friend with her to the diner, and they asked me to join them even though I haven't read the book.  They shared their favorite parts with me, talked about the characters, and why they thought they created the imaginary land of Terabithia.  It was refreshing being the student and asking questions of my literary experts.  As I promised them, I read the book this weekend.  It's a classic and award winner, but I have to confess I didn't enjoy it all that much.  The writing seemed to be in too much of a hurry and everything in the story was predictable.  It's still going to be one of my favorite reads this year because I read it with friends and got to enjoy it through their perspective.  We are planning to add a few more lunch meetings to watch some of the Disney movie version.  I look forward to discussing the difference between the movie and the book and the process of editing when you retell a story in any format, movies just being one example.  

Note:  Thanks to Lowe's Toolbox for Education for providing the funding to create the Digital Diner in our school library.  It has been the setting of many great book discussions and friendships in our library.


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