Maker Monday: Musical Jars with MaKey MaKey

Several teams are working on MaKey MaKey projects.  The Jar Jar Piano keys stumped a few teams last week.  I enjoyed reading their progress notes though. Some observed that they should have read the directions more carefully. Others decided they needed to divide the work up so they could get more accomplished in the limited time.  See, there is a lot of learning that occurs in a failure.

This weekend, I tried the experiment and created a short video of my final product to share with them.  I hope they will observe that while I did follow the directions, I also made some adjustments based on what my project needed. Most obviously, there are only 3 jars in my final product instead of the called for 8.  

I'm expecting them to make the project visually appealing, too.  It's a little difficult with all the wires, but I'm not sure the straws are necessary in this project. I may challenge a few to remove them and give their project a little less clutter!


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