Tech Tuesday: Take 10 to be a Tech Advocate

Integrating technology into my library instruction and helping teachers identify ways to integrate technology in their classroom are at the heart of what I do. We are fortunate at Walnut Grove to have 1:1 iPads, laptop carts, a computer lab, and computers in every classroom.  We also have a dedicated staff that eagerly seeks opportunities for students to be engaged using digital tools for creating projects and accessing online learning tools.

So, what is missing?  INFRASTRUCTURE  
School systems across the state do not have the infrastructure to support online learning.  We especially need better wifi and bandwidth to support mobile devices. 

For the past year, a committee from the Alabama Education Technology Association has been working on a plan to get funding to upgrade the networks in all school systems in Alabama.  You can watch the first half of this board meeting with a presentation from Susan Poling and Bruce Ellard.  It's a very thoughtful, clear explanation why this is needed and the positive impact it will have.  

Now that you are informed, take 10 minutes to advocate for this much needed technology support.  Contact your legislative representatives and ask them to support AETA's WIRED initiative as part of Senate Bill 1.

Who to contact:
Find Your Legislator - enter your zip code and find your legislator.
Contact Governor Bentley - this page has email, snail mail, and phone numbers to contact the governor's office.


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