Tech Tuesday: KidBlog

KidBlog is a safe, simple way to integrate technology and writing into your curriculum.  I have been using this with a 2nd grade class that I read to every morning.  It's a big class, and we only have about 10 minutes to work with it, but they are doing fantastic!

So, what can young students learn about using KidBlog?

  • Writing - Students write daily and can receive feedback from the teacher and peers (if the teacher decides to turn that feature on).
  • Spelling - The blog underlines misspelled words in red, so students can instantly recognize words they need to fix.
  • Typing and Text Tools - There are simple text tools that students can learn, including bold, italics, underlining, size, font style, colors.  They can can also learn about simple formatting, including bullet lists and alignment.
  • Adding Media - Quick and easy tools make adding images and short videos simple.
  • Digital Citizenship - They learn the appropriate way to communicate online. When you and they are ready, you can let them comment on each other's posts, too.
  • Portfolios - Students learn to curate their work and can share with a global audience.
  • Parent Involvement - Parents can be given permission to see their students' blogs, too.


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