Maker Monday: Cardboard Attachment Pieces

The WGS Library Makerspace has a heavy technology emphasis.  In spite of this, we still use our fair share of cardboard in projects.  Last week, I featured my cardboard Math Operation game that runs on the MaKey MaKey.  The fifth graders used it as a model for the games they were creating. 

The motherboard for the game has to be raised off the bottom of the box, so I used other pieces of cardboard which I taped together to create a platform to hold up the motherboard.  One fifth grade boy told me after class, "I improved on your design for the platform.  Instead of just taping the pieces together, I created slots to fit the cardboard together.  I think mine is going to be more stable when people start playing the game."  I agree!  He'll be showing his design to the girls who are still working on that part this week.

Meanwhile, our conversation made me realize we need more posters and resources for construction and making in the library.  I love this one:

I have also placed a purchase order for several sets of these MakeDo kits:
The saw is a kid safe way for them to cut the cardboard, and I love the screws for holding the pieces together, too.  I think these kits could even let me expand the making to some of my lower grades.  At least for one or two projects!

The only problem is this product is from Australia.  It's on Amazon though, and I have an amazing bookkeeper at school.  If there's a way to get these kits for us, she'll find it!


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