Maker Monday: Custom Operation Game with the MaKey MaKey

I'm loving trying all the projects that my students are creating with the MaKey MaKey.  This week, I made the Scratch Operation game.  I used the project plans at the MaKey MaKey guides site.

Students are making an elephant and panda bear version, but I decided to make a math themed game.  It works, too!  I need to find a better set of tweezers.  All of us made holes that are too small for the chopsticks called for in the design. 

We'll also need to get creative about how to run the cords from the MaKey MaKey to the motherboard and outside of the box to the computer.  I hope one of the teams will spend some time modifying the Scratch game to work for generic Operation games.   

Here's a look at the motherboard that's inside the game.  It's the part that goes buzz! if you hit the aluminum foil instead of just grabbing the piece.  I have all of mine hooked up to one trigger.  That means I only need one alligator clip hooked to a live key on the MaKey MaKey and corresponding Scratch program. I may be having a little too much fun!


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