Junior Librarians Wanted!

Thanks to a generous grant from the Snapdragon Book Foundation and an inspired idea from Andy Plemmons, the Walnut Grove School Library will be establishing a Junior Librarians: Collection Development Specialist program this year.

Junior Librarians will meet this fall to design a student reading interest survey, administer the survey, negotiate with vendors for the best book deals, review book catalogs, and place a final book order.  When the books arrive, they will be the first to see the new books as they unpack them, process them, and design displays to promote them to the rest of the students.  This will be a special, student selected collection that I can't wait to see myself!

The junior librarians will be selected from 2nd - 6th graders based on their completed application. Here's a copy of the application I will be sending out the first week of school.

If you are a Walnut Grove student reading this, you don't have to wait until school starts.  You can complete the application now and send it to me by email, or bring it to the library when we return on August 3. 


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