Take a Pre-Vacation Trip to the Library

My family loves to take long road trips throughout the year.  Before we hit the road, I head to the local library.  Why?

State and Travel books - I like to read the thoughtful advice of seasoned travelers who have made the trip ahead of me.  In our quest to see all 50 states, I like to read books about the state we are visiting. Children's books are great for pointing out big landmarks and moments in a state's history.  Adult books reveal intricate political history and community stories that bring a place and its people to life.

History and Biography books - once the state and travel books have opened the door, you may want to dig deeper into specific moments in history.  These make great reads on the road as you are heading to a specific landmark or famous person's home.

Books for Recreational Reading - vacations are the prefect time to enjoy recreational reading.  You can try to read a book by a local author, or something just for fun.  We do a lot of camping, so there is quiet time by the pool or in the hammock at the end of the day for reading.

Books on Tape - we were on the road for more than 24 hours on this last road trip.  That's too much radio time for me, and even I don't want to read out loud that long to my family.  Books on tape save the day.  Your public library is bound to have some great choices.

No time to make it to the library? Check out their digital collection.  I ended up using the HMCPL Digital Media Zone for most of my book choices this time. 

Here's a selection of some of the print  books we read while enjoying a historic tour of eastern Pennsylvania.


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Your public library is bound to have some great choices. what to visit in italy

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