So, you want to record your iPad, iPod, iPhone screen?

Last week, several WGS teachers went to the North Alabama Technology Conference and learned some new things about how to use their iPads.  One of them suggested that we should have a quick refresher on iPad tips and tricks at the beginning of the school year.  I immediately thought, "Wouldn't it be great if I could create a short video demonstrating those tips and tricks?"  I turned to my favorite screencasting app, Explain Everything, but it only works for Web sites.  So, I got out my iPhone and started video taping my iPad tutorial.  Bad idea as I can't hold a video camera steady even when I'm not trying to do two things at one time.  So, I storyboarded it and decided to think about it later.

Screenshot of Display Recorder
 Fast forward one week to day 2 of the ISTE conference.  I learned about an app published just last week that will record your iPad screen.  It's called Display Recorder and sells for $1.99 right now.  Some controversy is swirling around this app and I couldn't find it in the app store earlier today.  The app apparantly existed in the jailbreak market first and has been hijacked and submitted to Apple by another developer.  I won't comment on the irony of the situation. 

If you can't find it, another way to record your apps may be to use Reflections ($15.99 for one user), which was also recently made available for the PC-iOS market.  Reflections lets you wirelessly connect your iOS product to your PC as long as they are both on the same wifi.  Once you establish that connection, you could use screencasting software online to record your iPad action.  I'm more interested in Reflections as a way to lose the 2-inch digital-av adaptor  and freeing me to walk about the room and hand the iPad to students the way we use our Mobis. 

Meanwhile, check out this quick example of using Display Recorder to screencast my iPad.  It will allow you to record audio, but I didn't use it this time. 


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