Edshelf - How I Wrangle the Web

Well, maybe I don't use Edshelf for all my Internet organizational needs, but it's a big help.  

With Edshelf, you can create collections of digital tools, including Web sites, apps, and software.  Edshelf enhances your collection with an image icon, pricing, reviews, links to the Web and app store downloads, and videos describing and highlighting the tool's uses.  You can browse other people's collections, or search for specific tools by name, subject, grade, category, price, or platform.  It's also easy to add tools to the Edshelf database.  They review quickly and add all of the enhancements within a few weeks. 

In the true spirit of collaboration, there are multiple options for sharing your collections.  You can embed them in existing Web pages, Pin them, Tweet them, or print them off with the QR code so that others can quickly link to your individual resources.  

Here's my Edshelf collection of Collaboration Tools:


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